Rehab and training summary May/June


First a short update after the collision during the sprint at O’festivalen. I can rapport that the man I met at full speed head to head looks to be a tough guy! I did some research and contacted him the day after the race. He got a cut over his eye and had to sew two or three stitches, he did it without any anaesthesia and was at good mood. I guess orienteers are a though breed.

For my part the last week has involved what I have chosen to call rehab training. I got a concussion during the collision and had to replan my following training weeks completely. Lucky for me, I already have some experience with concussions, and I tried to use this experience in combination with some simple guiding rules when planning the weeks. I think it’s really easy to focusing in what you can’t do when you are injured, instead of actually focusing in what you still can do. Therefor I have built my plan on what I can do and not the opposite. I guess some doctors wouldn’t necessary cheer for my plan, but during my first concussion I was ordered to just rest for two weeks without any training, it didn’t work and to be honest I don’t believe in just resting... Here follows my principles for the rehab:

Step 0: Resting after the collision, being certain that the worst symptoms is gone (dizziness, confusion, etc.)
Step 1: Easy short jogging, max 6 km, if this works without worsening headache or symptoms continue
Step 2: Easy running, max 12km, when this works without headache continue
Step 3: Controlled threshold running. If everything works without symptoms after 3 threshold trainings continue
Step 4: Full speed. If this works, train as normal!

I consider myself very lucky with the rehab and today (day nine after the collision), I tried my first session at step 3. I did 6x1000m in 3:17-3:20. I know it wasn’t a fast session, but I feel very relieved that it worked out as I planned! Next weekend I hope to test step 4 if everything still works well!

Some hard facts from May and June:

May 2018:
501,5km running,
43:26h total training
2 sessions o-tech forest
16 sessions o-tech sprint

June 2018:
409,6km running,
38:22h total training
10 sessions o-tech forest
5 sessions o-tech sprint
2 days with injury

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