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Here are the answers of the advent calendar 2018. I want to thank all of you who sent in answers and participated in the calendar. In the end it was a tight battle for the win, with less than an hour separating number one from number two, and a total of twenty answerers. Top five will be posted in the bottom of this article, but first, the correct answers:

Question 1: William (Lind)  Question 2: Hadler (Åge) Question 3: Olomouc  Question 4: Hausken (Anne Margrethe) Question 5: Alīda Ābola Question 6: SoIK Hellas Question 7: Weesen Question 8: Omeltchenko (Yuri) Question 9: Novikov (Valentin) Question 10: Tvedt (Jon) Question 11: Hanny (Allston) Question 12: Emma (Klingenberg) Question 13: Marita (Skogum) Question 14: Olav (Lundanes) Question 15: Sälmenkyla (Juhani) Question 16: Tampereen Pyrintö Question 17: Wales Question 18: Gueorgiou(Thierry) Question 19: Radek (Novotny) Question 20: Espoon Suunta Question 21: Lindkvist (Ulla) Question 22: Annika (Billstam) Question 23: Yvette (Baker) Question 24: Schmalfeld (Karin)


This gives the question:

Who has won the most WG-relays?

Correct answer is Daniel Hubmann, he has won the relay at World Games twice with the Swiss team.


Top five in the calendar:

  1. Thomas Natvig Årstad (19.12, 21:53)
  2. Martin Hoset (19.12, 22:50)
  3. Rasmus Grönlund (20.12, 11:22)
  4. Are Kristiansen (21.12, 06:46)
  5. Sverre Turter Sandvold (21.12, 06:59)


Big congratulations to the top five! Thomas, in addition to honour and glory, you will get your winning price at the competition center sometime during the spring! 

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