One... Single... Second...


This weekend the Norwegian sprint championship in orienteering took place in the city of Stavanger. For me it was one of the highlights of the season, and I had high expectations in front of the races. I have developed far this year in the sprint, and I had a clear goal for the weekend. I wanted to go home from the championship with a medal around my neck and a spot in the camp with the national team in Latvia the following week.

The competition started with qualification Saturday morning, it was hot as in a baker’s oven, the sun was shining and the runners were gathering. Some joking, some telling how bad their own shapes were (badgers), and some trying to put some extra nerves or pressure on some rivals. In other words, everything was as it should be.

I finished the qualification race at 2nd place in my heat, after a steady and controlled race. I even was slowing a bit down in the end, knowing my race was more than good enough for going to the final. I felt really sharp both physical and technical, and the race was smooth, just the way I want to run sprint!

Six hours later it was time for the final, I was more nervous in front of the race than I have been for years. I knew what to do, and how to do it, so I was just looking forward to get the race started. So what happened? I didn’t follow my plan, and the perfect flow from the qualification was as blown away by the non-existing wind. The course was simple, but it felt like I never managed to be in advance. I passed the arena 14 seconds after the lead, and I have to admit I was really surprised by this. It felt like I had struggled way too much, but still I was in position to fight for the medals with a good finish. To make a short story even shorter, I did two bad routechoices and some hesitation, so in the end I was 50 seconds behind the winner and became number 10. A big disappointment, and to make it even worse, I was ONE single second to slow to get to the camp with the national team in Latvia. One second... Just taste it... The difference of that second is gigantic. It is in this camp and another camp in July the Norwegian team for the World Championships is decided... Well, anyhow it is as it is. I will train like a hero to qualify for the next camp and the final test races in July! So watch out!!

At Sunday it was sprint relay, and I was running with the fantastic Varegg team, (Christiane Trösse 1st leg, me 2nd leg, Håkon Jarvis Westergård 3rd leg and Kristine Fjellanger 4th leg). After some small struggling in the beginning, we were able to run into 5th position and a new club record for Varegg! Next time, I am certain we will fight for the medals!

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