Advent calendar day 1


Welcome to my advent calendar! The rules are simple, each day until the 24th of December I post a question here. You should try to answer the question, and write down the first letter of the answer. For each day you get a new letter, and when you put these letters together you get a new question. The first person to send me the correct answer of this last question has won. Ok? If not, just send me a message! Then we start!

Advent calendar day 1:

The first one is a quite easy one! Sweden is one of the orienteering nations with the proudest traditions and the biggest hunger for medals. In the first 21 long distances at the world orienteering championships, from 1966 until 2004, Swedish male orienteers took a total of 15 medals. The last 14 world championships, only ONE Swedish male orienteer has achieved a medal at the long distance. I want his prename.  

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