Hard facts 2018


In my training routines the date 3rd October always marks the beginning of a new training year. It’s time to make a summary for 2018, time for planning 2019 and time to start working for some future results.

For me 2018 was a year of some small ups, but mostly some big downs. In total it was a year of big disappointments. During the spring I was some seconds too slow for both EOC and WOC test races. Then the concussion destroyed O-festivalen and in the end my diving into the boulder field crashed the rest of the season. In fact my last important, individual race without any troubles was the Norwegian sprint championships the 26th of May. I guess 2018 just wasn’t my year.

At the moment I have started recover from my fall. First a week with total rest, then some time with crutches, some weeks with walking and lately some slow jogging. At Thursday I will have a test to see if I can join 25-manna. Even though I missed NM, Euromeeting and possibly the World Cup in Czech republic, I think in some ways I had some luck during my fall. It was small margins from getting the sharp rock in the eye or the mouth, the consequences than would have been devastating.

Well, I will stop complaining now! Time for some facts:

What I did 2018(planned in parentheses):        

5687km of running (6500km),
546h 6min of running (620h) 
108 sessions o-tech forest (100)
62 sessions o-tech sprint (100)
45 days with injury(including 15 days of sickness in Africa), (0!)


109km running per week 
17,8km and 1h42min of running each day I wasn't injured 
170 orienteering sessions, over the year, almost one every second day
1 out of 8 days injured
800km and 76h lost due to injuries (45xmidlevalue) 


In 2019 I will increase my training. I had almost no problems with my training loads in 2018 and only two or three of my injury days were due to tough training. An old word is saying “Better prepared -> More luck”, and probably there is some truth in this. Anyway, I will be better prepared than ever next season, the mind is the limit!  

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