Wow!! Fantastic days in St. Moritz!


After the concussion, I have finally been able to get into real training mode again! What a feeling! For weeks I was feeling like a wild wolf in a cage. Restless, irritated and extremely motivated to start the training for the big goals in the autumn. Tired of the beating in the head and frustrated to see week after week passing by without being able to take advantage of them. I promise you, for a runner it’s a tough feeling, but the gratefulness when everything works again is a lot stronger! You feel alive, like the chains are broken, the beast is set free and the wildness inside could finally find a way out! For me, it ended in a fantastic training week in Engadin with 251km of running.

Kristin and I live for the moment in a little village called Silvaplana, just some kilometres from the more known St. Moritz. We have been her for nearly three weeks, and will enjoy another two weeks in the thin air of the Alps before we head home to Scandinavia. Switzerland is a beautiful country and I have to admit that it’s hard not falling in love with the wild mountains, the glacier lakes and the warm people. If you add some really nice training possibilities, good maps and Mo Farah, you get what you need to stay motivated during some tough training weeks.

So far the camp has gone as planned! The two first weeks was all about getting used to the altitude, finding a smooth training rhythm and increasing the training volume. The third week was planned to be an extreme week, and so it surely was! I smashed my earlier record of 222,2 km running in a week and was able to notice 251km of running. To be honest I am really satisfied, it feels like I am growing stronger, and in some ways it’s like only the mind is the limit. I know some people might say it is stupid to do this amount of training and that it’s only a risk. If you are amongst them I will challenge you to think outside your box. Training is all about shaping the body, making it fit for the competitions and using the time you have on this earth to grow stronger, faster, better. Of course different bodies react different in different training regimes. Some people are able to absorb huge training loads, while other gets easily injured. That’s life. Just don’t be too arrogant about training, then you easily get stucked.

The next two weeks will anyway be a bit easier than the last one. Next weekend I will make my debut in the Schweizer Meisterschaft im Langdistanz. I don’t expect any extraordinary results, but hope I have recovered enough to have a good time in the Swiss countryside!  Tschüss!!

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Knut - 16.08.18 19:43
Spennende å få lest litt om hvordan det går mellom slagene. Spennende reise du er inne i nå både geografisk og sportslig. Godt å høre at hodet er komt seg.